In Loving Memory of David "Gus" Dalhoff

Last September, 2018 on the Feast of St. Hildegard, David and Darlene Dalhoff donated this beautiful bronze shepherdess statue to our space. Dave (also known as Gus) found her in New Mexico in early 1990's, brought her back to Ohio and lovingly named her Rosa. She is a beautiful piece created by Dee Toscano and has been a great gift and sacred presence here at the Hildegard Haus. This morning we learned, after a long battle with many health issues, David (Gussie as Darlene refers to him) has died. Our love and prayers go out to Darlene during this difficult time. His funeral services are pending but will be held at St. Anthony of Padua, where he served faithfully for so many years. Dave and Darlene are two of the most generous and loving people - giving of themselves without ever asking for anything in return. We truly have a new angel in heaven. Thank you Gus for this beautiful shepherdess and for all you have done. In the Catholic tradition,  In Paradisum is chanted at every priest's funeral. David served his entire life as a priest; as an ordained man and a layman. I am sure he is in the arms of the angels. We will be putting a memorial plaque with Rosa in memory of Dave.